7 Places to Get Spooky Halloween Treats in and Around Edmonton this Halloween

Halloween is here, and so are the themed treats making their way all around the city at the bakeries and shops. We’ve got your guide to Halloween treats you can pick up this week for dessert, or a Saturday afternoon snack.

Confections Cake 

From a brain cake, to candy apples, a haunted house gingerbread kit, or cookies that can be pre ordered, and decorated at home, Confections Cake has you covered when it comes to halloween fun with the kids. We can’t get over how incredible the brain cake is – totally worth the splurge for dessert. You can order all the way up until October 30th, by calling (587) 873-6502.

Doughnut Party

Ordering from Doughnut Party during Halloween is a staple at our house, since the first time we tried those magical doughnuts just a few short years ago. From the Halloween letter doughnuts, to the doughnuts that are usually topped with candy, you can bet the kids will love them. Bonus points? They’re so big that a handful of kids can share one doughnut.

Duchess Bake Shop 

This year, the mummy chocolate tart is bound to give some scares – but not to your tastebuds. The delicious tart is filled with chocolate, graham cracker crust, and will give you a S’mores vibe, with a spooky appearance. This adorable Mummy Tart features graham cookie butter, Valrhona Bahibé milk chocolate whipped ganache and soft marshmallow (think s’mores!). You can find it in store in the display case until Saturday (but get it early!).

$10 Halloween Cakes 

Folks, these $10 cakes are one of the best hidden gems in the city. They’re adorable, and themed for birthdays, hamburgers and holidays, and easy and quick enough for you to stop by Loblaw’s City Market and pick one up from the cake case.

Milk & Cookies Bake Shop

Milk and Cookies Bake Shop is where sugar cookie dreams come true. You can visit daily to find Halloween cookies and treats in the display case, or you can special order cookies for Halloween to pick up for a pre-trick-or-treating sugar rush. The delicious cookies from Milk & Cookies Bake Shop are almost too pretty to eat. Would you rather DIY it? Milk & Cookies has cookie decorating kits available, and all you have to do is pick them up!

Flirt Cupcakes Horror Cakes 

These are next-level cupcakes are almost too cool to share with the kids, so you can enjoy them when the kids have reached status sugar coma after trick or treating, or your cohort-adult-halloween-party.

Crave Cupcake Scary Decorating Kit 

Feeling fancy, like you want to DIY some cupcakes for Halloween? Crave Cupcakes has you covered with a decorating kit that includes a package of Halloween coloured sprinkles, 2 containers of halloween purple and orange buttercream, 12 original size cupcakes, and 4 icing bags.

Made by Marcus Halloween Menu 

RUN, don’t walk to get this flavour. Pumpkin Candy Corn ice cream. It is a mix of three ice creams; pumpkin pie, butterscotch and torched marshmallow. This ice cream accompanies their Halloween series also included is their El Tigre which is the mix of black licorice and orange. Want to skip the line for ice cream? Head directly to the register and buy a pint to enjoy at home.

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