Every City Should Have a Toy Library – and it Just so Happens Edmonton Does – Edmonton Toy Library

As any parent who purchased toys knows, the trendy toys get played with about an average of a few weeks, leaving you left with toys that have been played with for a short while, and will now make their home at the bottom of your toy box – that’s why we love the idea of an Edmonton Toy Library.

The Edmonton Toy library (Village Toy Share) aims to change that, giving parents the option too choose new toys, monthly, as part of subscription lending service. Reducing the carbon footprint is only part of the draw for local parents, as many parents strive to live more minimalist lifestyles.

Rather than visiting a shop and purchasing the toys, and adding items to the home, parents and children can browse a collection of toys online, and choose the toys that they would like to borrow for the month long period, exchanging for a new bundle when the lending period has ended.

The Village Toy Share: Edmonton Toy Library

Launched this year, the Village Toy Share offers families in Edmonton and surrounding area the opportunity to do just that, exchange toys monthly, eliminating clutter and the trips to the toy store, from their lives. With plans that suit single and multiple child families, and a toy collection for every age range, the monthly subscription services are a fit for any family.

The cost of a toy subscription ranges from as low as $9/month, to upwards of $35 for the ultimate plan. Extras like being able to choose the toys in the bundle, rather than a curated box for a specific age group, add on nominal fees, but for some families, more control over the choices (especially for older children) are a benefit worth the extra monthly cost.

What does the Edmonton Toy Library lending process look like?

  1. Subscribe to The Village Toy Share and select a plan to receive access to our library containing over 600 different toys
  2. Receive toys once a month for your children to enjoy all month long
  3. Swap the toys for new ones
  4. Repeat

For our family, toy sharing makes sense. We reluctantly buy toys during the holidays, usually opting for experiences instead, and cringe when boxes of toys show up from grandparents, knowing that we’re going to have to find a place for the toys in our home, and knowing that the trendy toys are only going to be played with for a short while before one of us finally passes them on to the donate bin, adding to the problem of over-consuming that we’re trying to diligently avoid raising our children.

We’ve used The Village Toy Share services for multiple months now, with the ultimate package, allowing us the freedom – or the kids the freedom – to choose their own toys on a monthly basis. Now that summer is over, and we transition to more of an indoor play environment, we’ll restart our subscription, and can’t wait to see what the Edmonton Toy Library has in store for the future.

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