Get Outside: Mill Creek Ravine with Kids (Winter)

This winter, we’re discovering more of our favourite places in the city with the kids, but through a new lens – and Mill Creek Ravine is no different. Rather than exploring the lovely trails and bridges through the kid-friendly trail system, we’ve explored the frozen creek.

Exploring the Frozen Creek at Mill Creek Ravine

As you enter the ravine, near Shamrock Curling Club ( 9330 80 Ave NW,) instructions below, you’ll immediately go down a steep-ish hill into the ravine. Though the trail is stroller friendly through the summer months, with an all-terrain stroller, during the winter the trail is packed heavily with snow, making it tricky for a stroller to get traction while you’re trying to exit.

The trail quickly leads to the first access point where you’ll be able to walk straight on to the creek, and make your choice to explore left or right, on the frozen ice.

Here’s what you should know before you adventure to Mill Creek Ravine 

  • Ice cleats. We will return with ice cleats for the smallest member of our crew. At four, she was frustrated with the slippery-level of the ice, and at a point, decided she no longer wanted to walk on the ice and explore.
  • As always, ensure that the ice that you’re walking on is safe, and thick enough to walk. Though the water at the creek isn’t necessarily deep, it’s still important to exercise caution when you’re visiting the trail, and walking atop the creek. Nearing the end of the creek, where the water was just a few inches deep, we did note some areas of open water.
  • This is an off-leash area, where you can either bring your dog along, or be prepared to encounter other dogs using the path.
  • Rather than bringing a stroller to the path, we like to bring a sled that can be pulled for younger children, it makes it much easier than lugging around a stroller – this would also work if you want to use it to walk along the ice.
  • There are some interesting aspects of the trail when you’re exploring on the ice walk at Mill Creek Ravine, including higher up walls, the opportunity to walk under the bridge and even under a tree – giving the walk a brand new perspective for older kids who have walked the ravine many times before.

Where to Enter/park: One of our favourite places to park and enter the ravine, is near Shamrock Curling Club. You can find parking near the curling club, or on the street near the ravine entrance, or at 95A street & 82 Avenue. 


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