Indoor Pools in Edmonton – Swimming During COVID-19: Emerald Hills Leisure Centre

Swimming at Emerald Hills Leisure Centre during COVID sounds overwhelming, right? The thought of going indoors for entertainment, near other families, in a swimming pool, sounds a bit daunting when we’re hearing about social distancing, social distancing, social distancing.

This week, we experienced indoor swimming at Emerald Hills Leisure Centre to share the experience, of swimming during COVID. The popular leisure centre in Sherwood Park is a hotspot for families because of the warm temperature, the large space and the variable depth pool that is adjusted during lap swimming, and family open swimming time to make a shallow swimming experience, for young families.

What new precautions will you find at Emerald Hills Leisure Centre?

  • Swim times must be pre-booked online, or by phone, by calling Strathcona County Recreation department for the whole family. You’ll have to provide the names and contact information for all family members swimming.
  • Swim times are 90 minutes, regular admission applies
  • Masks are required until you enter the pool area, and are also worn by staff
  • Toys that are played with by one family are then removed from the area to be sanitized (like the jump on mats etc. for children)
  • Distancing measures in the shower area – when we visited, there was only one family in the shower area at one time, despite the fact that you could easily fit two families in the area, with a distance of six feet apart between each family.
  • Maximum of ten people in the small toddler pool – this was adhered to the whole time, but sometimes it means that you might not get into the warmest, toddler pool, during your visit, unless you show up early.
  • The recommended six feet of distance, while in the pool, away from other families or visitors to the pool that are not in your cohort was adhered to by everyone swimming in the pool.

Are you searching for other swimming options for toddlers? The toddler time season pass at West Edmonton Mall is on sale for only $80 for the full season of toddler swimming at World Waterpark.

Have you taken the plunge and booked a swim time for your family?

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