Join the Village Toy Share Toy Library in October and Save $5 off of Your First 3-Months

Ya’ll know that we love the local Toy Library, it’s a way that we keep our minimalist home as minimalist as we can with three kids, a way that we save money on the things we’re buying for our children, and a way that we reduce the amount of consumption that happens in our country.

How does Toy Sharing work?

The Village Toy Share is a library program where you can borrow new monthly toys, with multiple packages that are suitable to different sizes of families, types of play-styles, and an ever growing toy library where you’ll be able to find an incredible selection of educational toys for every range, those ‘it’ toys, and even classic toys like LEGO sets.

With different packages available, you can find the right fit for your family, but you’ll also be able to find options for add-ons to make the process even easier, like delivery and pick-up of the toys, or an add-on that allows you to pre-select the toys that you would like to borrow for your next bundle of toys. Rest assured, if you don’t choose to select the toys to borrow, the toys are expertly curated by VTS.

Let’s talk about sanitizing – that’s a hot topic right now with COVID, right? To ensure your safety, hospital grade cleaners are used, similar to what’s used when you visit thee dentist or doctor – but to keep things even safer, toys are actually quarantined for two weeks upon return to the Village Toy Share, before they’re cleaned and released to another family to use.

October The Village Toy Share discount Codes 

For the month of October The Village Toy Share is offering $5 off the first 3 months or $15 off an annual subscription using the code Spooky5.

Visit the Village Toy Share at

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