Playground: The ‘Garden’ Themed Blatchford Playground

We’re always willing to travel around the city to explore a new playground, but sometimes, we spot a playground while we’re driving by. The kids spotted the tall flowers at Blatchford playground, and the unique spherical climbers – and immediately I was intrigued. I pulled the car around, found an entrance to the road, and discovered a unique Edmonton playground that made the list of places we’re going to explore again in 2021.

Blatchford Playground 

The Blatchford playground features three spherical climbers with different things to explore inside of each one. For children that aren’t as adept at climbing, we appreciated the toddler ‘apple’ or ‘tomato’ depending on which child you’re talking to. The second sphere was a bit more tricky to get inside, but featured a flat surface for the children to walk once they’re inside the sphere. The third, was a bit more tricky, for older children, and featured a climber with multiple ways to get inside.

In addition, there are many places to play, lots to explore in the newly developing neighbourhood and your kids are going to love the fact that there’s an air tower controller tower, right there, near the playground. I loved the design elements of the playground, and how it flowed, from one play structure to climbing, to another.

From the turned over flower pots that became climb-through fun, to the flower ‘walkie talkie’ – to the tall flowers that peppered through the garden, it’s an incredible design. 

Blatchford Playground – Know before you go: 

  • The best route we could figure to get to this playground was using maps and typing in ‘Blatchford Road’ when venturing to the playground the second time, from home.
  • Parking is at the side of the playground. As the area is being newly developed, and there is construction everywhere, there is no real set parking area that you’ll use while visiting.
  • This a non-sand playground, featuring wood chips instead of sand
  • Older kids may become bored quickly of the playground, as it is the same thing a few times over. For the older kids in our crew visiting, they quickly left the playground in favour of finding something else to explore and climb on in the wide open space, nearby.
  • There are many places to get treats by nearby, when you’re finished playing. Our top choice? Doughnut Party!

Visit the new playground at Blatchford, find it on Blatchford Road in Edmonton. Are you looking for more new places to explore this winter? Find a new playground at our listing, here.

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