Playground: The Modern Playground at The Hills at Charlesworth

Like us, we know that you’re always searching for the best playgrounds in Edmonton, the newest playgrounds in Edmonton and the best places to play with kids. Keeping that in mind, we’re always trying and searching for fun playgrounds, so when the Hills at Charlesworth got in touch with us to let us know about The Hills at Charlesworth Modern Playground, we had to stop by and take a look.

There are two specific playground climbing structures at the the Hills at Charlesworth Modern Playground, a fun modern style of playground that’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the city, and a fantastic little toddler playground for younger children in Edmonton.

The taller, modern playground for older kids can quickly turn into a space for a house, or role playing game, or a climbing option if they’re feeling adventurous. Gorgeous, and six different ways to climb up to the top of the climbing structure, you can bet they’re going to find a way to climb off their energy with a trip to this playground.

The toddler playground is the perfect size for our nearly two-year-old, with the perfect amount of adventure without the risk of falling high off of the structure, and the modern climbing playground is a fantastic adventure in modern design with an acrylic climbing wall and rope wall and cross way net for kids to explore.

The Hills at Charlesworth Modern Playground

With bright coloured shaded areas, a wonderful community garden and field full of wild flowers, it’s a whimsical playground that makes it to the top of our best playgrounds in Edmonton list. The toddler playground is accessible for the youngest crowd, and it includes a few brand new options for play, and the soft (and sand free) place to play!

You can find the Hills at Charlesworth Playground on Charlesworth Way, Southwest.

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