Rewind Your Child Nature Preschool | Sherwood Park Nature Preschool

Move! Play! Explore at one of the Edmonton nature school options in the suburbs, located in Sherwood Park.

Children are curious, competent and capable learners who need guidance, encouragement and freedom to learn. Led by our forest and nature facilitator this program is designed to bring our children back to nature. Relying on the natural environment to provide children a safe space to explore their interests, make new friends, learn about the land and nature through various hands on experiences and learning opportunities.

When a child’s interests are considered and valued the possibilities for fun and learning are endless.

• Themed weeks based on the nature / seasonal cycle.
• Emergent curriculum based programming.
• Program follows Boys & Girls Club core values.
• Child interest reports.
• Allowing children to play and explore in a safe and supportive environment.
• Program takes play into a variety of natural play spaces.
• Risk assessments will be done prior to daily program and hourly during program.
• Children must be potty trained to register.

Programming / Session Options include full day, available to children 4-6 years old, and half day options for children 3-6 years old. 

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