Things to do in Edmonton this Weekend with Kids | November 6-8


Kids Night out at Crankpots

Drop your school age child off while you go and have dinner or stroll down Whyte Ave .Your child will get to paint a funky mug popcorn bo or a bank for the fantastic price of $30 all inclusive ! Reservations a must!

Every Day Science Virtual Playdate

Experimenting, predicting, observing, comparing, classifying, measuring and communicating are science concepts for young children that are learned through everyday opportunities. Parent and children, two years and older, join in to explore science using materials found in their homes.


Harry Potter Movie Marathon at TWoS

It has been a long and strange few months. We think it’s about time for another Harry Potter Movie Marathon. A whole generation grew up on Potter and watched with fevered devotion as Harry, Ron and Hermione overcame great odds to grow into incredible wizards and defeat… Oops — sorry. No spoilers here. Beginning October 8 through November 14, 2020, this is your chance to experience this epic-tale — for the first time, or all over again.

Time on the Land at Dreamcatcher

Since receiving funding from the government “Time on the Land” is available FREE for visits with the animals over the fence and for a walk on the land. Dreamcatcher™ is offering “Time on the Land” to families or individuals who need to get out of the house or city. Did you know that “Time on the Land” was started this spring to support individuals struggling with having to be socially distant from friends and family? Founder and director, Eileen Bonar opened the Dreamcatcher Nature Assisted Therapy property to let people connect to the land during Covid-19. Book a time to come to the 40 acre Dreamcatcher™ property. This invitation will allow families to meet the animals over the fence and spend time walking on the property if you like.


Explore the Jumpstart Playground at Clareview

This brand new (finally open!) accessible playground at Clareview is not only one of the best largest playgrounds in the area, but it features a fully accessibly play zone, and swings perfect for young children and their adults. There’s a traditional playground, climbing zone, musical area with fun elements to explore, and even a toddler playground with smaller climbing dome that doubles as a fort.

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