Try this Online Home Alone Virtual Escape Room this Christmas Season

Virtual escape rooms are something that we’ve worked together on as a family all the way through the pandemic. Solving the puzzles together on the big screen is fun for the kids, and for us – and this one allows your kids to give it a go on their own. Plus, who doesn’t love a good theme?

You wake up three days before Christmas to realize, you are the only one in the house. All the bags your family had packed and readied for your Christmas in Paris trip are gone. You realize you have been left home alone! You know your parents will be in big trouble if you call the police. You begin to panic, and realize you’re stuck. Later in the afternoon, after you have calmed down a bit and made yourself some popcorn, you watch a large van slowly move down the street and pull into your drive. It stops and you see two men staring at your house. You can overhear them saying that they will be breaking in after nightfall. You hear a devious laugh and a deep voice proudly proclaims, “The Wet Bandits Strike Again!”

You need to defend your house from these ruthless thieves, but you can’t call the cops. You race to the basement workshop to see what you have to work with. Find the right supplies, set the traps, and send the ruthless Wet Bandits packing.

How does it work?

This is may seem like just a fun, light-hearted escape room, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy (IN FACT, IT IS VERY DIFFICULT). These puzzles are very difficult so don’t sign up if you’re not ready to think hard and really dig in. It will require team work, problem solving, and maybe a little bit of Christmas magic.

The class is offered through Outschool, and the cost to join is only $16. We’ve done multiple courses through the past almost-year through Outschool, and we’ve been happy with each course or experience that we’ve had the pleasure of trying. 

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