You Can BOGO Free Cineplex Movie Tickets until October 22

Grab your movie date or pick a movie with the kids to view on the cheap, this week because the BOGO Free Cineplex Movie Tickets offer that’s perfect for the first week of cold weather! From October 14-22, when you purchase a movie ticket online, you’ll get another admission free. Movies included in this offer are AVX, VIP, IMAX, 4DX, ScreenX and D-BOX.

We had our first visit to the movie theatre when the kids were asleep, this weekend, for a quick date night with an on-the-fly Thanksgiving babysitter, and it was a safe, distanced experience that we would do again. The theatre was quiet, almost ominously so, and attractions other than concession were closed.

To check in, we simply displayed the tickets on our phone through a contactless check in, where we were advised which theatre the movie was being shown in, at the front entryway. Then, we made our way to concession where the handful of guests that were visiting the theatre were distanced. From there, we made our way into the theatre (masked) and found our seats, where again, we were a safe distance from other guests.

During the movie, as long as we weren’t eating, we kept our masks on, and enjoyed the first movie in a movie theatre that we’ve watched in six months.

BOGO Free Cineplex Movie Tickets until October 22

To redeem this offer, you’ll need to use the promo code: 2020241

  1. In the main menu on, click Showtimes, then find your preferred theatre, date, movie and showtime.
  2. Once a showtime is selected, you’ll be taken to the ticketing page. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so now.
  3. Please note: You’ll need to create a Cineplex account if you don’t already have one
  4. Under the showtime details on the ticketing page, you’ll see a Voucher or Promo Code box. Click Add a Code, enter your promotional code and click Apply.
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