Your Kids Can Learn Circus Performing at Cirquetastic Edmonton this Fall

This fall, bring the circus home and bring a brand new perspective to after-school-activities. Our kids have gone through the gauntlet of after school activities and sports, and haven’t yet found the one. There are many types of activities for kids on the weekends and after-school in Edmonton, but Cirquetastic is brand new to the city, bringing accessible circus arts programming to children.

Cirquetastic Programs with Lyne Gosselin, feature active play in a positive environment. Created for children 8 and above, the circus classes focus on circus arts, juggling, balancing, aerials and trampoline work. With years of experience in circus performing, at local and international levels, children will learn a variety of skills through the many different types of programs.

Cirquetastic Programming for Kids

Kidstastic (ages 8-12) 

Initiation to circus arts: including acrobatics, juggling, balance and aerials

Teentastic (ages 12-16) 

Acrobatics, juggling, trampoline and aerials. 

Siblingtastic (ages 8-16) 

Acrobatics, juggling,, trampoline and aerials. 

Hometastic (ages 8+) 

Initiation to circus arts: including acrobatics, juggling, balance and aerial arts. This is a program for homeschool students, or students with early dismissal from school. 

How much do Cirquetastic Edmonton classes cost? Classes are open for registration for the fall 2020 season. Classes run September to December, and begin at $175/session. Children can register for multiple sessions.

How to register? Registration forms can be filled out on the Cirquetastic website. There is a minimum of four children required to register for the program for the program to move forward, for fall. Once the registration form has been completed, a staff member will get in touch with families to confirm registration in the program.

Cirquetastic is located at 6820 50th street Edmonton AB.

Register at

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